NetNordic Software-Defined WAN

NetNordic SD-WAN solution is powered by award winning solution from VeloCloud (now part of VMWare). NetNordic SD-WAN solution offers application performance and reliability enhancing your customer experience.

We make sure that your company’s business critical applications are optimized and available whether they are located in private, hybrid, or public clouds. Our SD-WAN solution can also be truly secured by seamlessly integrating Palo Alto Network Firewall using single box gateway solution.

Our SD-WAN uses Cloud Gateways located in all major data centers worldwide. These Cloud Gateways help you to optimize access from your offices to SaaS and cloud services such as Office 365 and Amazon AWS.

The solution is completely managed through a web service, located in the cloud. The only thing that is placed in your premises is your gateway. Whole solution is available as single subscription service.

NetNordic SD-WAN solution gives you total control of your WAN network with possibility to choose the best suitable ISP or enhance your WAN reliability by using multiple different ISPs.

We will help you to build and manage a secure, optimized, and reliable SD-WAN solution.

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