High Security Automated

Full control of all work performed


Operations have full control of all work performed on critical ICT systems without day-to-day involvement from the IT department


  • Specialists gets fast access to information for more efficient collaboration
  • In compliance with company’s Change Management Process and Security Policies
  • Meets governmental requirements


Automation of the change management results in a flawless process, from creation to closure

NetNordic SHIELD – Overview

Very strong and holistic security solution

  • A layered defence-in-depth approach / Barriers
  • With a Strong Defense Perimeter

Tested and pre approved policies is auto provisioned

  • Dynamic configuration of all components

Security Incident and Event Management

One point of control

  • Any kind of Accesses (Create, Activate, Deactivate, Extend, Close)
  • All User Sessions, Users and Applications (Suspend/Resume)

Full audit and reporting capabilities

  • Logging of all activity

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