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Cyber Security Awareness Training

We educate and empower organizations with cyber security. We offer security training and tailored courses in cyber security. Strengthen your resilience against cyber threats through knowledge!

Security Training for the business’s end users!

Many organizations lack security training for how to “work safely” in digital tools and what a general security approach in the workplace actually means. The introduction of security features in digital services will not be of much use if employees do not know how to use them effectively and proactively.
NetNordic has seen the importance of training the end users in digital tools and therefore we offer tailored security training sessions for applications and systems. In this way, we ensure that your end users actually use the services provided, correctly and efficiently. We organize training courses, workshops and seminars either in our own premises or, if you prefer, closer to you and your own employees! Our topics cover everything from product-specific training to tailor-made solutions for you, data protection risks and how to overcome them, and GDPR. Tell us about your needs and we will arrange the right safety training for you. Our expertise and solution-oriented approach have been praised and we are often in demand as speakers at various events.

Courses, workshops or lectures – contact us and we will help you out!

We are pioneers in data protection and
Security Training – get to know GDPR!

We train companies, data protection officers and organizations to prepare for GDPR. Our solution-oriented and clear approach has also received much praise in our data security training courses.

Workshops on the data protection regulations

Our focus is also directed towards GPDR identity management and Security Training. We can organize workshops for your staff or for your organization’s management, where you can immediately start taking practical action.

Are we GDPR compliant?
A preview of what our GDPR training includes and how to prepare for it.

In our basic training, the following privacy policy topics are covered:

  • What important terms and definitions are introduced in the law?
  • What data may be collected in different registers?
  • What are the rights of the data subjects and how do you prepare for them?
  • Obligation to report and detect security anomalies.
  • What are the responsibilities and obligations of the data controllers?
  • Data protection officer – when and why?