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Customer Success Story – AddSecure

Cyber Security

November 21, 2023

“NetNordic and AddSecure’s relationship plays a vital role in keeping AddSecure digital assets secure!”

Krister Tånneryd, Chief Operating Officer, AddSecure

AddSecure is a European company with approximately 50 000 customers operating within the area of secure IoT connectivity, and they handle about 550 000 vital connections every day. Security is the basis for AddSecure’s existence. NetNordic provides cyber security expertise and delivers our SOC service, so that AddSecure can react and isolate possible security threats in their data infrastructure environment, 24/7/365. NetNordic also delivers comprehensive monitoring and a team of security experts to AddSecure.

“We chose NetNordic because of their ability to adapt to AddSecure and their proven track record in handling cyber security threats”, says Krister Tånneryd, Chief Operating Officer, AddSecure and he continues “when it comes to day-to-day operations, the personalized team and the willingness to adapt to the customer is crucial, and that is why we chose NetNordic”.

The NetNordic SOC service works totally independent of what services the customers are using, and it is a complete service with total transparency. The agile and technical security team ensures that all our customers are secure, and our experts are adding competence, powerful monitoring, and quicker response times to cyber security threats and incidents.


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