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Customer Success Story: Wihuri

Cyber Security

October 11, 2023

NetNordic has been an amazing companion, we have worked with them, and we will keep on working with them!”

says Juha-Matti Heino, CIO at Wihuri Group.

Wihuri is a global Finnish industry and trade conglomerate engaged in packaging, daily goods wholesale, technical trade, and aviation. Wihuri Group employs 5,200 people and operates in 30 countries. During their history of 120 years, Wihuri has grown from a small family business into a diversified global enterprise. The Wihuri reputation and commitment has made each division into a leader in its own respective field.

Wihuri wanted to expand their cyber capabilities and when the GDPR regulations became mandatory it became more and more crucial to also monitor the security offence affecting their GPDR-data. In the pre-study phase, Wihuri was comparing a lot of vendors, but after physically visiting the NetNordic SOC and meeting the SOC specialists, they were really impressed by the professionalism.

NetNordic delivers best in class cyber security services for companies all over the world. We understand the clients market position, their infrastructure, and their specific threat landscape. NetNordic can also develop threat intelligence reports tailored to the executive board, deliver recurring red team testing, or conduct hands on cyber incident exercises.

“The NetNordic SOC service has dramatically increased the visibility, awareness, and the reaction time of cyber security threats. We are also eager to see what will come in the next phase, when we create the road map for the next three years, together with NetNordic”, explains Juha-Matti Heino, CIO at Wihuri Group.


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