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Implementation of NetNordic SOC

Cyber Security

October 12, 2022

How is NetNordic SOC implemented?

What are the steps for a good SOC Implementation? The implementation of NetNordic SOC (Security Operations Center) is a joint effort between the customer’s team and the NetNordic Team. All our customers are unique and have their own type and size, of their IT-environments. Some environments can be small and on-premise, and others can be in the cloud and in many locations. But no matter how the NetNordic SOC is configured, its basic functions are exactly the same, to monitor, detect and respond to all security issues and incidents, in real-time.

A part of the implementation process involves simple standard API-integrations, which are fast and easy, and some other parts might be more complex and customized, but we are well-known for our efficient and fast implementation projects and development work.

The NetNordic SOC implementation workflow:

Confidentiality –
We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and commit to confidentiality.

Discovery & Start-up Meeting –
We define all the requirements and expectations. Where is your IT infrastructure? Onsite, at a data center, or in a cloud, or is it a combination of them?

High-level implementation project plan –
Together with the customer, we define the objects to be monitored and prepare the assets.

Implementation of NetNordic SOC –
We deploy the SIEM-system, connect all your assets, we develop and implement the rules and procedures, train your personnel, as well as create an implementation report. The NetNordic SOC can be implemented in phases; the critical basic monitoring is fast to implement. But we can also add even more coverage in the next upcoming phases.

Support 24/7/365 –

We agree on the operating and support models together with the customer. Depending on the agreed SLA, the customer will get 24/7 or 8/5 availability of our Tier 1 SOC team, and also a guaranteed availability of our Tier 2 teams and Tier 3 teams. The top level security experts.

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