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Security Experts & Incident Response Team

Cyber Security

October 26, 2022

The NetNordic Security Experts

Cyber Security Specialists are in a key role in securing information systems. Their work is to protect systems from cyber security risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. NetNordic has security experts from different fields of the industry. We have experts in reverse engineering, threat research, monitoring development, and security testing. Their knowledge and experience support the NetNordic SOC’s day-to-day tasks.

Incident Response Team

An Incident Response Team is a group of IT professionals that react to cyber security incidents. The core functions of an incident response team are to help organizations to recover and rebuild their IT-environments. If your organization is hit by a cyber-attack, our Incident Response Team will start working on it as soon as it is detected. A challenge that many organizations face is that it is difficult to attract and hire in-house cyber security personnel. With our services, you don’t have to.

Our NetNordic Incident Response Team is a dedicated group of high-level professionals that are ready to help our customers in any organizational IT-emergency. NetNordic has an exceptional mix of cyber security specialists that stands ready to start investigating, at any time of the day, to get your organization operational again as fast as possible. We also make sure that the threat actor cannot get in the same way as they did the first time. Our agile processes: respond, recover, and rebuild – will take any incident, from the detection phase, all the way to the post incident activity, also including notifying all the necessary authorities.

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