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What is penetration testing?

Cyber Security

December 15, 2022

What is penetration testing? 

A penetration test, also called a pen test, is an authorized simulated cyber-attack where you use a testing technique to identify all vulnerabilities within a system and evaluate its security levels. The penetration testing is a sort of security control, in order to ensure the protection of the software either before it goes to production or as part of an ongoing overall risk assessment. It offers insights into the most vulnerable aspects of the system. With our security service, penetration testing, NetNordic helps our customers to protect all their software and services.  

The purpose of a penetration test is to communicate the strength of an organization’s current cyber security protocols, as well as highlight any weaknesses that can be used by attackers to compromise and penetrate the customers IT systems.   

Companies should perform penetration tests regularly, to ensure their infrastructure remains strong and well-protected. Security breaches can be a result of a malicious attack, because of system glitches or human errors. Regardless, it is important to identify the risks and uncover system weaknesses you may not have even thought about. 

 The Penetration Testing Analysis 

In a penetration testing project, we will start with the scheduling and scoping together with the customer. After that, we introduce ourselves to the documentation of the target. Then we will run automated scans and then we do the recon. After the recon part, we will start with the actual manual testing and finally we will report all our findings in a report. In the penetration testing report, we will list all the found vulnerabilities, and the customer gets a “to-do-list” to improve their security posture.  

After the successful conclusion of the penetration testing, the customer usually fix all the issues that we have found, and later on, we can do a brief re-testing.  

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