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What is Red Team Testing?

Cyber Security

January 9, 2023

What is Red Team Testing? 

Red Team Testing, also known as physical security testing, is quite different from normal Penetration Testing, where you test your online services. Physical security testing means that we go on-premise, trying to break into buildings, to pick locks and social engineer ourselves into the premises. Red Team Testing is a type of real multi-layered simulated cyber-attack, to determine how well an organization’s people, networks, applications, and physical security controls can detect, alert, and respond to a genuine cyber-attack. The IT organization can be tested in the most realistic way possible, to see exactly how they would react to a cyber-attack. The end goal of this exercise is to find all the weaknesses and improve the organization’s overall security programs.  

Let us hack you – before someone else does! 

Through Red Team Testing we expose your organization to realistic cyber-attacks and test your cyber resilience. How prepared is your organization to detect and manage a targeted attack against everything from technology and processes to your own personnel? An important part of the red team’s role is to think outside the box. It also includes seeing a problem – or a solution – from several perspectives at the same time in order to find alternative paths that the target has not taken into account. 

With our customers, we first define the rules of engagement, we define the scope, and then we start the Red Team Testing. Afterwards we will send a report to the customer outlining all the things we have found during, the criticality levels and how to fix them. For example, if there are doors unlocked, it is an easy fix, but it could be very critical. Ans also, it is very often that we find passwords hidden underneath keyboards by desktop computers.  

In this way, Red Team Testing is an important complement to traditional security testing. It gives you a better understanding of your organization’s security deficiencies and a basis for which future investments will bring you the greatest benefit. A report that helps you to prioritize your needed investments. 

When do you need to hire a Red Team? 

As a company, you need to hire a Red Team to audit your personnel’s security training and to get to know which physical security measures are in place and are working. And at what level is your data protection both online and on-premises? 

  • Red Team Testing performed by our highly skilled (ethical) security experts. 
  • Simulated Red Team cyber-attacks and auditing of our customers premises. 
  • Identifies weaknesses and prioritizes our customers IT investments.  
  • Strengthening the security levels, step by step. 

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