December 1, 2022

NetNordic Acquires Kong Arthur

NetNordic acquires Kong Arthur – Gains greater capacity in system development!

NetNordic is a system integrator within the area of network, hybrid cloud, cyber security, and collaboration. With this acquisition of the Norwegian company Kong Arthur, we are also expanding our portfolio with an increased capacity within system development. This is NetNordic’s sixteenth acquisition since the year 2015. Kong Arthur have about 30 employees in both Norway and Lithuania.

“NetNordic uses the latest technology and then adds tailored adaptations and system development on top, in order to create valuable digital solutions and services, that are much more efficient for our customers”, says Jarl Øverby, CEO of NetNordic Group.

The need to add increased competence and capacity within system development is very important to NetNordic’s continued growth and expansion. “Kong Arthur fits well into our overall growth strategy, and they have solid expertise and relevant experience within the area of system development”, continues Jarl Øverby, CEO of NetNordic Group.

System development adds value to our solutions and services

NetNordic has for many years managed and developed networks, hybrid cloud solutions, cyber security, and collaboration for medium and large-sized businesses, and now we can also offer services related to the areas that give customers a greater freedom to make personal adaptations of their own solutions and services.

“Value-added digital solutions and services are based on competence and experience. Network, Cyber Security and Collaboration are all key drivers for efficiency and development in Nordic business and the public sector, and NetNordic will have a leading role in this development,” says Øverby.

“For several years, Kong Arthur has operated on large projects and developed a solid expertise and experience within digitalization. It was a natural step for Kong Arthur to become part of a larger environment so that our capabilities can flourish even more, and then NetNordic was a natural choice for us. We will add capacity and look forward to becoming a part of NetNordic Group,”, says Bjørn Oustad, General Manager in Kong Arthur.

Contact information for further questions:

Bjørn Oustad, General Manager, Kong Arthur,, +47 932 49 966.

Jarl Øverby, CEO, NetNordic Group,, +47 982 17 009.

NetNordic is a Nordic system integrator specialized in solutions and services within network, hybrid cloud, cyber security, and collaboration. As our customers «Best Companion», NetNordic shall contribute to realizing our customer’s business potential, through effective use of our solutions and services. NetNordic has its head office in Lysaker, Oslo, Norway. In year 2021, the pro forma turnover was approximately 1.9 billion NOK. Before the acquisition of Kong Arthur, the NetNordic had approximately 500 employees in 15 offices within the Nordics, distributed among subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

Kong Arthur is a Norwegian consulting company that delivers customized software and develops digital services. The company has deep expertise in software development, tailoring and maintenance of solutions. Kong Arthur has a particularly deep expertise within regional operators and in the education sector. Kong Arthur has extensive experience with complex projects and has approximately 30 employees in Norway and Lithuania.

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