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January 30, 2019

NetNordic acquires Radpoint – A well-established player in cyber security

Press release –  October 2018 –  NetNordic acquires Radpoint, a well-established player in the area of cyber security and smart data centers in Sweden.

– With Radpoint, we get access to a business in strong growth, and with strong delivery capabilities. Radpoint fits perfectly in with our culture and our offer. With their commitment and technology focus, we will create a joint and clear customer value that is in line with our ambition to take a leading position in the Nordic region, says Jarl Øverby, CEO of NetNordic Group.

Radpoint has 40 employees and is represented in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Jönköping and Umeå. They are specialists in cyber security and have come a long way in their overall offering by developing, delivering, operating and managing services with the best functionality, quality and accessibility for critical business customers. NetNordic has had an ambition to widen its solution and service portfolio and has therefore followed Radpoint closely for a period of time.

– We work continuously to strengthen our offer and create value for our customers. Therefore, I regard this acquisition as a natural step in our ambition to grow and offer the best solutions in security and network, especially as it is an area that grows rapidly in the Swedish market. Radpoint will be an integral part of NetNordic in this new set-up,says Joakim Harging, CEO of netnordic.communication AB.

Cyber security is a necessary element to ensure continued successful digitization. In a lot of companies, cyber security therefore is an important part in risk evaluation and risk reduction and is also expected to be of great significance at management level in all major companies. NetNordic, together with Radpoint, will get an increased capacity for service development as well as security delivery capacity, and thereby we will be strengthening our position for both our customers and suppliers.

– As Radpoint becomes a central part of NetNordic, we see great opportunities. On the Nordic platform we can take the next step in our development. In the new company, we will maintain Radpoint’s core values, focusing on the chosen innovation technologies that we are best at, thereby ensuring quality in our customer deliveries, says Fredrik Hökegård, CEO of Radpoint.

In connection with this acquisition, all stakeholders in Radpoint invest in NetNordic and will contribute to the company’s continued success.

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Radpoint is a leading integrator of cybersecurity, network and secure data centers. Radpoint delivers operating services that include solutions from both local services through secure data centers, as well as cloud-based solutions.

Radpoint has acted on the Swedish market since 2009. Radpoint has 40 employees and has a turnover of approximately MSEK 200. Read more at:

NetNordic is a Nordic system integrator, specialized in the area of networking, security and business communication. NetNordic deliver customer specialized solutions and services. We always strive to be our customers’ “Best Companion”, we want to help our customers with their unique IT challenges, allowing them time to focus on their own core business.

NetNordic is headquartered in Oslo. NetNordic had approximately 1 billion NOK (pro forma) in 2018. After the acquisition, the company has approximately 300 employees in 14 offices in the Nordic countries, distributed by subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Read more at and follow us on social media.