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Achieve in-depth control and track key metrics in
real-time with Centralized Log Management

Make sure to do an audit trail and you’ll know for sure what’s happening in your IT environment.

Centralized Log Management system is a crucial part of any responsible business!

As information systems expand, the amount of log data grows bigger, year by year. Technical solutions have been developed to support manual analysis in order to guarantee information security and for detecting possible data breaches.

The new legislation requirements for ensuring records of processing activates and monitoring capabilities have increased the pressure on many companies.

Customer-specific Centralized Log Management solutions

We will build a tailored, Centralized Log Management solution, designed according to our customers’ individual requirements.

NetNordic have over 10 years extensive experience of using different technologies with log management, as well as a good understanding of the most typical challenges that log management projects often encounter.

We have integrated extensive system environments, customized software, and various hardware devices into Centralized Log Management solutions. We are happy to share our knowledge with your organization as well.

Comprehensive Approach

In addition to centralized data storage, log management should also include the ability to analyze large data volumes and ensure proper handling of the identified security threats. While technical solutions can make this work much easier, it also requires competent personnel to perform the daily work. To tackle this, we have built a service concept called “NetNordic SOC”, which in addition to log management, offers the customer network monitoring, threat detection, event handling, and our expert security personnel.

The Right Solution

Whether your approach is a comprehensive security operations center or a customer-specific system entity, we promise that our implementation will meet all your needs, on your own terms.