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Secure your enterprise network

NetNordic helps you prevent attacks at all levels.

Network Security

A security plan is essential

Network attacks are evolving challenges and can cause critical damage to your business. IT managers cannot afford to focus on one single type of attack and still expect their network to remain unaffected.

Without a security plan for all kinds of attacks, your network is vulnerable and becomes a hazard for business reputation, revenues and productivity.

  • Technology from world leading partners
  • Innovative solutions without compromising on security
  • Security solutions that handles company growth and market change

Safeguard your network
while welcoming innovation

By providing protection against active and passive as well as inbound and outbound security threats, NetNordic helps you prevent attacks at all levels. Ranging from challenges caused by mobility and BYOD to challenges posed by innovations in the Internet data center, emerging network attacks are apt to target all areas of your operation.

The evolving landscape of network security demands multilayered solutions. We deliver a Unified Threat Management solution and help you define an ICT strategy suited to the level of security your company needs.

Identify security threats

NetNordic’s security measurements protect you from and help you identify the plethora of next-generation security threats: Malware, worms, viruses, spyware, phishing emails, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Providing you with visibility into your network traffic, our model is designed to detect abnormalities and identify attacks that may potentially consume network resources.