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NetNordic offers AI & Machine Learning as a Service

Artificial intelligence is something that belongs to the future, or can we use it today? How intelligent are our machines? What can we learn from them and what can they learn from us?

Artificial intelligence, is it
really a product of the future?


There are more gains to be made with AI and machine learning, right now! We can support your journey into the future with everything from integrating leading standard products to proprietary AI software.

We can offer you all or part of the design, implementation, and operation as a service. With all the benefits it entails in terms of efficiency, security, and the ability to quickly increase and decrease the scope.

Is it time for the financial system to start invoicing and checking the information itself? Contact us at NetNordic and we will help you identify suitable uses for your particular business.

Smart machines with machine learning

For machines to be smart, they must be trained and given the correct instructions. By using algorithms for pattern recognition and computational learning, we can teach your machines to perform different work steps.

The better mathematical analyzes we can do, the better algorithms we can make. Over time, with more precise input, the processes are automatically improved and refined and, in this way, better analyzes can also be delivered. We create an environment where machine and human learn from each other.

Analyze large amounts
of data in a short time!

In data analysis, machine learning is used to design complex models and algorithms that are suitable for predictive analysis.

The interplay between machine learning and testing of which algorithms best predict, speeds up the work process, and makes it possible to handle and analyze large amounts of data in a short time.

By learning from past contexts and trends in data, these analytical models provide reliable decision bases and results that can be repeated. Talk to us at NetNordic and we will help you find the best layout for your needs.

AI & Machine Learning as a service

NetNordic provides resource consultants, consulting services and can offer everything as one service. We pack what you need according to your wishes.

We can manage the service for you through one of our service operations managers and give your company insight via e.g., KPI and SLA. Or you control the service yourself, you decide!