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NetNordic can help you find the value in your data

Visualizing large amounts of data can be complex and require a lot of technical expertise and understanding of how value can be created for the organization. We can help you with that!

Analytics – create a much
greater value from your data!

The greatest lessons and insights come from your own data.

In order to take advantage of the benefits, you need to start looking at the data, twisting and turning it, in order to find out patterns and trends.

Visualizing large amounts of data can be complex and require solid technical competence and an understanding of how value creation can be created for the entire organization.

NetNordic may offer all or parts of the design, implementation and operation as a service. With all the benefits it entails in terms of efficiency, security and the ability to quickly increase and decrease the scope. Let us help you!


Analytics as a Service

A service can be conbined in an infinite number of ways, which is great when you have a specific need to fulfill.
NetNordic provides resource consultants, consulting services and can offer everything as one service.
We can manage the service for you through one of our service operations managers and give you insight via e.g. KPI and SLA, or you control the service yourself, you decide!
We tailor what you need to your wishes and needs.

Kibana makes it easy
to understand!

Kibana lets you explore, analyze and visualize your data in an interactive interface. It is easy to get started with and at the same time has an incredible depth, that allows you to look at your data in a way you have not done before.

Kibana that is fed with data through Elastic can for example be used to create almost real-time dashboards or combined with Machine Learning, to create automatic forecasts.