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Information Security Consulting Services

We help with everything from consulting services in IT security to comprehensive project management!

Security Consulting

Implementing and maintaining the desired level of IT security is not easy. The complexity of information and IT security requires resources with deep knowledge and experience. The threat landscape is also continuously changing, which also affects the requirements for IT protection. NetNordic have cyber security experts who can help you! Today’s most valued security experts have deep knowledge in the majority of security technologies with a good ability to control, document and explain the work from an operational perspective.

Our security experts have extensive experience with industry “best practice” in implementing security solutions in the network, the data center and the cloud. From the customer’s needs and requirements, we can help to implement, among other things:

  • Firewalls, Networks, Servers, Application Segmentation
  • Backup, SD-WAN, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Dedicated Cyber Security Resources

From in-depth risk analyzes to cyber security analyses. NetNordic can appoint dedicated experts for close cooperation in security development and management of your business’ digitization. The work model enables competence transfer and improves your organization’s safety culture.

Consulting Services within Security Management

What does your IT security status in ypur organization look like, with the associated operational risks? Does the business have an up-to-date security policy, or does it need to be upgraded? How can cyber security become an integral part of the business and its processes? We are available for both shorter consultations and larger projects.

Communication & Documentation

We always ensure clear communication with our customers, so that all goals and needs are well documented, communicated and understood. In our opinion, project planning is one of the most important aspects of successfully managing projects.

Customer Focus

NetNordic’s project expertise allows us to apply different project management methods based on the customer’s wishes. We are always looking for the most suitable and cost-effective solution for the customer. Our certified competence is broad and spans various technologies with collective project experience from customers in various industries.

Expert Project Management

We know that knowledge-oriented and responsible project management plays a decisive role for the budget, the end result and the goal fulfillment of a project.

IT security projects are no exception. At NetNordic, we have extensive experience in running security projects within our expertise areas of infrastructure, outsourcing and cyber security.

Guided by the organization’s needs and desired target vision, combined with our industry-unique “know-how and best-practice”, we can provide resources to control projects and meet the target. We can also help with projects left unfinished. We complete the work for you!