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We offer the full range of security testing services

Challenge yourselves and find out how resilient your organization’s IT environment are against cyber attacks.

Secure your IT environment
and all its applications

Identifying information and security risks is critical for any business.

As the organization’s IT environment grows or changes, controls and technical tests are required to ensure that the environment is hardened and protected against current cyberattacks and attacks.

Personal data applications, the structure of data networks and business-critical systems play a key role in the company’s business continuity.

An external perspective through security tests and analyzes is an effective way to find out where the risks and vulnerabilities are.

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Application Security Testing

We offer our customers security testing services and various information security analyzes for all types of software and IT services. We use open-source tools, commercial tools, and manual testing, in our testing work to find and assess the security flaws. The combination of our experienced security experts, equipped with the right tools, highlights vulnerabilities and flaws in the customer’s digital environment. These should be addressed before they are exploited, and damage occurs.

Security analysis of the network

When it comes to data protection and information security, it is important that the entire IT environment is managed and that potential threats are identified and remedied. The old saying that “a chain is no stronger than its weakest link” also applies to information systems. By analyzing and testing the company’s network, weak systems and vulnerable components can be identified and remedied.

The final product is a to-do list

As a result of our security tests with associated analyzes and assessments, we write a report with a statement on the “security level” of the tested objects.

For problems that have been discovered, concrete action proposals are also given, if necessary, we of course also help to correct and eliminate identified vulnerabilities.

You will get a to-do list with all vulnerabilities.