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Next Generation Cloud is designed to run all applications, faster and more securely, at a lower cost.

Cloud describes a service or platform made available over the Internet, that was previously produced on a local computer or in a data center. Services that are set up in a cloud solution offer high availability and scalability, which is often expensive and complex, to implement in other ways.

Everything is up in the cloud!

Today it is very common for companies to choose to migrate important services and functions to cloud-based solutions, at one or more cloud providers.

There are several cloud providers that have different offers that suit different companies.

We can help you navigate your way through the jungle of opportunities, in order to find the solution that best suits you. The use of cloud services requires no investment in new technology or hardware.

NetNordic may offer all or parts of the design, implementation and operation as a service. With all the benefits it brings in terms of efficiency, security and opportunities to quickly increase or decrease the scope.

Cloud as a service

A service can be delivered in an infinite number of ways, which is great when you have a specific need to fulfill. NetNordic provides resource consultants, consulting services and can offer everything as one service. We tailor what you need to your wishes.

We can manage the service for you through one of our service operations managers and give you insight via e.g. CPI and SLA. Or you control the service yourself, you decide. Contact us at NetNordic and we will help you!

We work with well-known vendors!

We work mainly with cloud solutions from Amazon, Azure and Google.

NetNordic has the expertise required for how to efficiently and scalably manage cloud services to get the greatest possible value.

We ourselves use various cloud services in our business.

Our own experiences and what we have learned from our customers, give us broad knowledge that is useful to everyone we work with.