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NetNordic offers technical consultants as a service

It is not just technology that requires competent knowledge. Are you looking for resources that drive positive change and that have the right capabilities for your organization? We can help you with technical knowledge, through our expert consultants!

Our technical consultants ensure a short starting distance and good results!

It should be easy to hire a consultant, even if the tasks are complex.

NetNordic’s consultants have many years of experience and know what needs to be prioritized to quickly get started adding value to your business.

NetNordic may offer all or parts of the design, implementation and operation as a service. With all the benefits it brings in the form of efficiency, security and opportunities, to quickly increase or decrease the scope.

Technical Consultant as a Service

A service can be conbined in an infinite number of ways, which is great when you have a specific need to fulfill. NetNordic provides resource consultants, consulting services and can offer you everything, as one service. We tailor what you need to your wishes. We can manage the service for you through one of our service operations managers, and give you insight via e.g. KPI and SLA, or you can control the service yourself, you decide!

Administrative Management

When you need help maintaining your procesees.

Project Management

When you need help starting, running or completing project work.

Business Development

When you want to improve all or parts of your business.

Change Management

When you transform your business and need to change your culture.

Program Management

When you need to manage and run multiple projects within a program.


When you need a leader for a limited period.