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Security Awareness and ISO 27001 – Why is it important? 

Cyber Security

September 16, 2022

Security Awareness – Why is it important? 

Everyone in the organization needs to understand how cyber criminal’s work when they are trying to get inside of your network. This is why security awareness training is really important. Organizations must make sure that all individuals within an organization understand and follow certain security practices, in order to help ensure the security of an organization. It could for example be an employee clicking a link in a suspicious email that they got, and the hackers can get inside of your systems, launch a malware, and cause critical issues for your whole company. Employees and other important end users therefore need regular and specific training on how to stay safe online and get information about how phishing attacks and social engineering work. NetNordic can help you set up guidelines and frameworks for how your employees should work, with security awareness in mind, to protect and minimize you from being exposed to a cyber-attack. We can provide you with strategic advice of all areas concerning cyber security.  

NetNordic SOC is ISO 27001 certified 

The NetNordic SOC service (Security Operation Center) have been awarded the ISO/IEC 27001:2013, which is a widely known international standard within the industry and it provides all the requirements needed for an information security management system (ISMS). As a customer, you can therefore be convinced that our NetNordic SOC complies with all the latest and highest security regulations. The ISO-certification is strong evidence that we at NetNordic have well organized and thought-out information security and management systems in place in our organization. Security is in the core of everything that we do. We can manage your security – and see all the risks involved.


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