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Why choose NetNordic SOC?

Cyber Security

September 28, 2022

Why should you choose NetNordic SOC? 

The NetNordic SOC (Security Operations Center) works proactively. This means that it can detect cyber security threats, mitigate possible attacks and incidents, as well as isolate and prevent anomalies in our customers IT-environment, by our SOC-personnel acting and monitoring the networks, 24/7/365. We support all our customers’ needs, regardless of whether their infrastructure consists of on-premise, hybrid, or cloud solutions.  

We also have the possibility to integrate our customers business critical solutions and applications to our NetNordic SOC service. In that way, for example, we can also detect and identify breaches at our customers HR-systems or ERD-systems, from different vendors. The NetNordic SOC service can also be extremely easily scaled up or down, based on the individual customer requirements at the time.  

Solid experience in detection and incident response 

NetNordic SOC’s hardware and software, meaning the agents and applications, work together seamlessly and provide all the information that our SOC personal needs in order to investigate all alerts that are coming from our customer’s environments. NetNordic SOC will give you a real time status of the threat landscape and our skilled people can assist you to react to all these threats.  

We have long and solid experience in detection and response and have been a part of many forensic investigations. The SOC service consists of the latest technology, capabilities, tools, but also our professional and rapid incident response team, that are available for our customers, around the clock. NetNordic SOC have a large existing customer base within both private and public organizations. We have solid and deep experience preventing and mitigating cyber security threats. 

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